The Hippy Nuts

Ride My Pony

The Hippy Nuts
Tim Champion and Kathena Bryant


Tim Champion: Guitars
Kathena Bryant: Vocals
Tom Semioli: Bass (KnowYourBassPlayer)
Shannon Ford: Drums

PHOTO by John Curry Studio NYC

Produced, Recorded, Engineered, Mixed, Mastered by Tim Champion
at Sandpile Studio NYC



"Ride My Pony" written by Tim Champion & Kathena Bryant


Rojo's sleeping in a boxcar dreaming about first class
He'd love to ride in a limo if he had the cash
then he'd jump in a Learjet and fly the friendly skies
take a ride in a rocket one time before he dies.

Ride my pony Pony Ride
Ride my pony take a pony ride

Some fish gotta swim, others take the bus
some stand right up in a rowboat without too much fuss
some like the speed of a race car, others like to hike
Texas Mike rides his Harley, Baby Sue says that's alright

Ride my pony, Pony Ride
Ride my pony, take a pony ride

I don't want to bungee or dive a reverse pike
don't stick me in a rowboat and please God don't make me hike
I'm never gonna skydive or bounce on a pogo stick
I have what I want and want what I have and that's how I get my kick

Ride my pony, Pony ride
Ride my pony take a pony ride.

Here we Go!!