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The Village Voice Zoe Leverant
‘I Feel Lucky Tonight’ The Hippy Nuts (Sandpile)  4 Stars **** A duo that’s anchored by Kathena Bryant’s twangy vocals and Tim Champion’s masterful guitar work, the Hippy Nuts straddle the line between blues-rock and Americana on dynamic new album “I Feel Lucky Tonight.” A nine- track release inspired by the 2008 economic crisis, Bryant and Champion barrel their way through a remarkably consistent album. “Love Put the Hurt on Me” sets the tone, and the Nuts deliver the goods on “Pouring Out My Soul,” “Work on Me Baby,” “Back in the Sugar” and “Smile on the Shelf.”                                                                                     --Jeffrey Sisk from The Daily News, PA    ” - Jeffrey Sisk

— The Daily News, PA

The guitars are nice, loose, and gritty and Bryant's vocals are the obvious focal point. This lady's got a cool soulful voice that is instantly familiar and likable.                                                  --dONW7 from babysue” - dONW7


THE HIPPY NUTS' sound "is a blast from the past, which is where they want to be."                                            --jimi from We Heart Music You won't see the kids with high top shoes, skinny jeans, and a carabineer with a janitor sized jumble of keys getting into this… possibly the parents of these youngsters, or hipster's getting it ironically."                                        --jimi from We Heart Music jimi We Heart Music” - Jimi

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