VOICE LESSONS with Kathena


*VOICE LESSONS Rock...Learn to LOVE your OWN Singing!

Vocalist/Voice Teacher/Vocal Coach in NYC since 1990 


Get started on your singing. I'd love to help. I am also available to check in anytime via online voice lessons via Skype Zoom or FaceTime.  
KATHENA BRYANT  646 785 9298. Call with quesions about lessons with me or lessons in general.  I'd love to hear from you.

....Finally get singing lessons for that special someone... that's you! 

I'm also a songwriter and actor who can help you with your performance & recording techniques. 

I can help you get that big sound and to use your own personality while you develop fine control of your instrument so you will sing in tune and with great tone. 

We'll get you in shape and help you perform and record with more awareness and more confidence. 

**Go beyond imitation 

**Make specific choices 

**Gain control & sureness of pitch 

**Increase endurance, range & power 

**Work on your phrasing & attention to melody

**Develop original material


Lessons taught in private studio.

CALL Kathena Bryant 646 785 9298 to set up a free consultation today. Please repeat number & best time to return your call. I'll be glad to hear from you!
NO TEXTS, Please, Let's speak on the phone, thanks:)

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